3 Key Ingredients for Great Event Execution in 2017

CS Najib Balala skydiving at the Pride Inn launch in Mombasa

A great event can make a huge difference in setting your brand apart and ensuring you receive extensive media coverage. In order to do this, you will need to pay attention to the context in which your brand is operating. Below we have complied three key ingredients to help you execute an unforgettable event in Kenya in 2017.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Due to the digital revolution, events that happen in Kenya this year are likely to rely heavily on social media. With the advent of Facebook live and Instagram stories, and the increase in mobile phone penetration, there are a number ways for events to be broadcasted live to a larger audience. This is good news for brands as it means that anyone with access to social media can attend an event even if they physically cannot be there. Audience engagement online will also allow brands to receive immediate feedback on an event. Take it one step further by utilising analytics tools to gauge the impact of the event on your target audience and use this information to guide future events.

2. Creativity is Key

Executing a truly unforgettable event will depend on your ability to create an experience for your guests. Your audience will want to feel like they were engaged, surprised and entertained. The Pride Inn launch in Mombasa is a good example to illustrate how this can be achieved. On January 27th, Cabinet Secretary Hon. Najib Balala made his entrance to the launch by skydiving in to the audience. The dive made headlines in national newspapers and online, granting the new hotel the publicity it was after. Kenyans easily get bored of “ribbon-cuttings,” “cake-cuttings,” and long speeches. Incorporating innovative ideas and thinking out of the box will go a long way.

3. Mind the Politics

Politics will shape Kenyan events this year, especially since there is a lot of campaigning and corporate brands might not hold as many events. Discussing politics is always a precarious move when you’re trying to engage an audience, which may have different political affiliations. It may be wise therefore, to keep off the subject of politics completely and allow everyone – your brand included – to enjoy a memorable event (for the right reasons).