CBK Wins Coveted Central Banking Website of the Year Award

The Banking Hall in the Central Bank of Kenya’s Nairobi Headquarters

The Gina Din Group is pleased to announce that the Central Bank of Kenya’s (CBK) new website, developed in conjunction with our work on the Bank’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, recently won the coveted global Central Banking Website of the Year award.

Central Banking, an international central bank tracking organisation based in London, selected CBK’s website amongst numerous other international central banking websites submitted for the honour. The organisation cited a modern and clean look, user-based structure and accessibility amongst its reasons for choosing CBK’s website for the top award.

“We are very proud that the new CBK website has won this prestigious award. Together with our partners and with the commitment of the CBK IT department, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the website reflects where the Bank is today” said Gina Din-Kariuki, Executive Chair of the Gina Din Group.

Prior to the site’s redesign, the Central Bank was operating with a site that had been put in place in the early 2000s. As a public institution, it is vital that the Bank’s website presents data for various stakeholders, and any changes to the site must be carefully considered and planned to ensure a seamless continuation of services.

These hurdles made the Bank’s old site a necessary mainstay despite the Bank’s growing international presence, until CBK’s 50th Anniversary celebrations lead Governor Patrick Njoroge to push for a new, modern and mobile friendly site.

The Gina Din Group, already working with the Central Bank on a range of activities surrounding the CBK at 50 celebrations, tapped the skills of digital specialists MagicBox to assist the Central Bank team in developing the new site.

“Every organization’s character, in a digital world that is navigated by a digital generation, is determined first and foremost, by it’s website,” said MagicBox Founder and Director Zo Kassam. “MagicBox innately understands this and rallied all the resources and technical skill-sets required to develop an exceptionally modern, mobile-friendly website for CBK.”

Based on an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the site’s content, the redevelopment team focused on a new structure that organised content according to the site’s range of external users.

“As a major national institution, the Central Bank offers a massive array of content on its site,” said Caitlin Nordahl, Content Director at MagicBox. “We wanted to make sure a user visiting the site for the first time would intuitively find the information they needed, as well as any related content they might also be interested in.”

This award-winning project involved numerous stakeholders and many moving parts behind the scenes, making it a prime example of the managerial and coordination expertise offered by the Gina Din Group.